NESA LogoHal Fliegelman, Founder and President of NESA, is one of the country’s leading authorities on this complex subject and is frequently referred to as “Mr. Medicaid.”  More importantly, he and the others at NESA have a unique combination of compassion, knowledge and skill that has allowed them to give thousands of people peace of mind by helping them cope with the emotional and financial demands created by a loved one’s long term sickness.

Jonathan Foxx, Elder Financial Abuse

by on December 1, 2013

Foxx, Jonathan - Bio (SWR 2014)Jonathan is the President & Managing Director of Lenders Compliance Group, the country’s first full-service, mortgage risk management firm in the United States. It is a national firm, specializing exclusively in legal and regulatory mortgage compliance guidance, offering a full suite of services in residential mortgage banking for banks and non-banks. Formerly the Chief Compliance Officer of two publicly traded financial institutions, Jonathan has over 30 years in the mortgage industry. For a copy of his article… Elder Financial Abuse: Prevention and Remedies, published in the National Mortgage Professional Magazine, send request to


Janice & BarneyHow is it possible for a walk in the park to change a life – not just one but two – for Janice Gary and her dog Barney, that’s exactly what happened.

My guest on this podcast is Janice Gary, author of Short Leash: A Memoir of Dog Walking and Deliverance. To quote, “Beautifully written, Short Leash is a moving tale of love and loss, the journey of two broken souls finding their way toward wholeness.”



Rogers & Associates LogoSydney Rogers, Jr. has over twenty years of financial service expertise. He is a Certified Estate Planning Specialist who dedicates himself in the areas of retirement and Estate Planning for both individuals and families. He, along with his wife Diane, are the owners of Rogers & Associates in Old Lyme, Connecticut.

Today he will be discussing…
  • Retirement Planning & Lifestyle Adjustment
  • Safeguarding Your Principal After Retirement
  • Creating a Will the Provides for Trans-generation Wealth Transfer

Artist Works BannerDid you used to have musical talent? Or, do you want to develop musical talent? If you answered YES to either one of these questions… you need to listen to today’s podcast.

How is it possible for a computer scientist, who led a small team of programmers, and wrote the original AOL 1.0 software and his wife, an investment management specialist with Merrill Lynch, to create an online music education company… a digital conservatory… called ArtistWorks? ArtistWorks now has 25 schools, over 7,000 students in over 50 countries. Seniors Web Radio guests today are David Butler and Patricia Butler of ArtistWorks. Find out more at

Institute for the Ages LogoTom Esselman, CEO of Institute for the Ages talks about the challenges of the aging population and the directions that need to be taken now to prepare for the year 2050. The Institute for the Ages is an innovative think tank and market research organization dedicated to activate ideas that prepare us for the opportunities and challenges associated with our aging population.

Misti BurmeisterMisti discusses how taking the time to find common ground, across the generations, will lead to enhanced relationships and company productivity.

“When organizations create a space where the strengths of each generation can flourish and are aligned with the vision and mission, they meet with success beyond comprehension.”



Across the GobiNew Zealand born Helen Thayer’s life is a testament to setting goals and achieving them.
Her list of historical expeditions and accomplishments includes:

  • First woman to travel alone to any of the world’s Poles when she trekked to the Magnetic North Pole without dog sled or snowmobile at age fifty.
  • First woman to walk 4,000 miles across the Sahara from Morocco to the Nile River.
  • In another world’s first, Helen walked 1,600 miles across the Gobi Desert at age sixty-three.
  • First non-Indian woman to kayak 2,200 miles of the Amazon River.
  • In a unique study in the wild, Helen lived near a wolf den above the Arctic Circle for a year.
  • Helen won the American national luge championship and represented three countries in international track and field.
  • She has climbed some the world’s highest mountains.
  • The Explorer’s Club awarded Helen the Vancouver Award for Excellence in Exploration.

With presentations to audiences worldwide, she has addressed countless organizations in the last two decades — from one-room schools in the Amazon to the White House.

Climbing Kilimanjaro at 70

by on November 14, 2013

Dww on Kili 1Botanist, Fellow of the Linnean Society and Professor Emeritus, Dennis Woodland, Ph.D. shares with us the challenge and excitement of climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro, the world’s highest free-standing mountain. Most amazing… he was 70 at the time and had major surgery 6 months prior to the ascent.